We work with communities on issues they identify in true collaborative fashion.

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Academy Church

Academy Church is Aminata Cairo's approach to education and activism that combines her educational training with her psychology, community service and spiritual training.

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Art for Life

We promote the arts as an essential ingredient of living a balanced life and healing

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Every story is valid

Sabi Diri s.b.i.  is an organization dedicated to serve underserved, silenced, and otherwise overlooked populations regardless of location in education promotion, cultural appreciation, self-empowerment, and artistic expression through the use of community engagement, collaborative work and applied anthropological methods.

Sabi Diri s.b.i. is based on foundational knowledge which is based in indigenous principles with an inherent appreciation of spirituality and interconnectedness.

We work in collaboration and with the support of local experts and volunteers with a minimal budget. When possible we include young people in the work efforts.

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