We offer culturally sensitive and tailored consultation on community issues that are particularly education, empowerment, or culture oriented.

Training and Workshops

We offer tailored trainings or workshops based on the need of the client.  From dance to teacher empowerment, we are able to connect and inspire.

Speaking, Writing, and Facilitating

Aminata Cairo is known for her engaging speaking skills in the Netherlands, but internationally as well.  She has the unique ability to bring the people in touch with the human aspect of almost every issue, whether it is inclusion, artistic endeavors, or personal empowerment.

"We can do something about that"

We believe that if we put our heads together, care enough and step forward with some courage, a lot of things can be accomplished.  So when a member of our community approaches us with a dilemma, our first answer we strive for is "we can do something about that."

Let's get to work

Educational support of teachers, empowerment workshops for youth, student success programming, producing stories for children in the transgender community, community arts workshops, sports training for community building.... these are some of the projects we have been involved in.

Offerings include:

Culturally Sensitive Educational Consultation

Keynote lecture

Educational Seminars

Inclusivity Training

Empowerment Training

Community Ceremony

African Diaspora Dance Workshops